What our customers have to say!

The course was fabulous, super easy to understand and well guided with the theory and the practical video.

Kind regards,
Chantal Whitsed.

The course was great! The information in the therapy book was amazing! Thank you so so so much!

Awhina Manawatu
Kambalda, WA

Thankyou Claire, I found the theory and written steps by step instructions easy to follow. The video is thorough and I still like to refer back to it when practicing.

Demi Norwood
Mt Tarcoola, WA

"I found it really great, I'm loving the video - want to keep watching and really drill it into the brain! I have done this as I want to look at doing services for those less fortunate and to whom its not an available service. I currently donate handmade soaps etc of mine to an initiative called Short Back and Sidewalks who provide free haircuts to the homeless. They did a ladies event before Christmas and it made me realise that I would like to do a little something extra. If a haircut can make them feel as good as it did, imagine the extra boost that getting a relaxing facial could also provide."

Rae Johnson,
Western Australia

"I thought it was fantastic I have previously attended as a model for one of my cousins when you were working in Helena valley and I found the video just as informative as the face to face you provided her. I practised on my mum yesterday and on my grandmother because I remembered when we came you asked for someone older and younger !!

It definitely won't be the last short course I do from you!!

THANKYOU so much I will recommend you for sure. :)"

Kalista La Cava

The website was great. Really straight forward and easy to use. I actually found it by a Google search, and it was the most appealing.

The course I enrolled in is great. I enrolled in the Lash and Brow Tinting. Everything on it worked perfectly.


Your a very special lady and I'm grateful for all the help you've given me to date.

All the best xxxx

Pauline O'Hara
Toodyay, Perth

I was looking to have a career change that would fit around my family schedules. After a lot of research I found your courses online. They are clear and concise and I have been able to easily complete 6 of your courses. I have started up my own successful business with the knowledge and skills I have gained from your courses. I thank you for such a life changing opportunity and would not hesitate to recommend this study model to any prospective students.

Lara Williams - Melbourne, Australia

I studied beauty therapy over 20 years ago and have taken several years out of the industry to have a family. It has been immensely helpful to be able to refresh my skills by taking your beauty courses online. Not only has it allowed me to study at my own pace and timeframe but it has allowed me to enter back into the industry confidently and with up to date skills. Your courses are so professional and in many areas are far superior to any training I have done previously. I will continue to update my skills as new courses are introduced.

Sarah Barrington - Sydney, Australia

I was wanting to say thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to have a career that I would not be able to previously consider. Living in the country conventional study methods would mean that I would have to move away to receive the skills and training I need to study beauty therapy. I have completed 3 of your courses and look forward to completing more with you. I am very excited to be on the path to starting my own business.

Debbie Tarbett - North Queensland, Australia

"My waxing and tinting from home is doing extremely well, I am soo glad I done it. Thanks"

- Mandy Smith

"Hi Claire, well I must say a huge thankyou to you. Since doing my course in December I have been busy :). I will be booking shortly for the facial course as there are quite a few clients now who have asked for this service."

- Tanya Odette

"Thanks so much for your great video and helping me get through my massage course. Centre of Wellness is the best. You have made my dreams come true and given me a new chapter in my life and given me the strength and encouragement to succeed. It has been great learning from you!"

- Steve Kais

"Just wanted to let you know i truly enjoyed the training video and felt i got so much out of the training. You are a great trainer and I will be recommending you for sure!"

- Amanda Munroe

"I have now completed three of the training videos and want to say that the theory and information in the courses makes me feel so confident that I am giving my clients the best treatments. They particularly love the way Claire has taught me to use the heatbag and tiger balm.

- Paula

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the spray tanning lesson - Mum and I thought you were very professional and knowledgeable.

- Kate

"I did not think I was employable due to my Bipolar condition, but after completing training with Claire, I am now successfully self-employed and loving life. Something I would never have dreamed possible before. I am so grateful for Claire's input and explanations and would recommend anyone do the courses. I found them self-explanatory and life-changing. The training has given me confidence in myself."

- Paula Chittenden

Just wanted to thank you for the training video - I used my husband as the model and we both thoroughly enjoyed the training, and totally appreciated your help with our questions!

- Emma Stripe

Oh your a fantastic trainer Claire! Thankyou for all your support and advice!

- Sophie Friele

You are one great trainer Claire. Thankyou!

- Alev Eratan

I wouldn't have had a career in what i enjoy still doing today, thanks to you. Thanks Claire!

- Cassandra Giles

I am so lucky to have found your website and discovered your training videos. I am looking forward to doing more online courses - they give me exactly what I need.

- Rikki Dogic

Thankyou so much for all the hard work and effort you put into the training video - I felt so comfortable doing my waxing course this last month. I could never imagine going through a school now I have had this type of one on one training and the theory notes and personal interaction you provide. I can't wait to do further courses with you in the near future. I really do mean what I wrote, your amazing at what you do!!! Thanks for everything!"

- Bonnie McCagh

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the one-on-one training videos in the various courses I recently completed with you. Your warm and friendly approach made it a enjoyable learning experience while your incredible attention to detail bench marked the high standard I need to maintain in my own beauty therapy business. Your innovative ideas and 'trade secrets' have already set me apart from the rest and your ongoing advice and encouragement is invaluable. I will highly recommend your online training courses to anyone who wishes to get a head start in this industry and look forward to broadening my skills with you further in due course."

- Belinda Beatty

"Thanks so much for the training video. I've tanned 2 other paying clients today straight after completing the course, and they loved it!!"

- Nikki Samson

I would like to thank Claire Coleman for her relentless determination to provide me with an informative and unique learning experience. Claire provided knowledge beyond anything I had learned prior at The Academy of Beauty. I appreciate how Claire ensures all students, including myself, are equipped with thorough knowledge and skills essential to the industry. I started out completing just one course in waxing with Claire, but after the thorough training I received, decided it would be useful to redo most of my training to bring my skills to a much higher standard. I am now a qualified, confident beauty therapist running my own successful home business with return clients thanks to Claire's video tuition. I would like to finish by saying this has been by far the most professional, best and informative training I have received! Thanks again Claire.

- Tenille Flintoff