Remedial Massage Online Course

Competency in Swedish Massage should always be a pre-requisite when ever you want to add this modality to your repertoire. Our training concentrates on Deep Soft Tissue Massage, incorporating Ischaemic Compression Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Chinese Suction Cup Treatment, and Acupressure.

Course Introduction

This therapeutic massage process deals with the problem where it is manifesting in the body and traces it to its origin. It is a scientific, specific and systematic method of eliminating toxic wastes, blocks, tension and fibrous connective tissue throughout the muscular system.

Approximately 40-50% of the body weight is due to muscle, and they are the number one priority in healing the body and the initial factor in positive or negative health. They are the movers of the body - for not only do they move the parts of the body, they also move blood, air, food and waste, and interact with the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, elimination, nervous, skeletal and sensory systems.

The body’s density is composed mostly of muscles, which travel the full length, width and depth of the body and must be maintained in direct perspective to how much the system is used.

Muscles contract, shrink and go into spasm in accordance with the amount and type of use, exercise, nourishment and abuse they receive. Over-acid conditions caused by diet, stress and chemical reactions within the body cause the muscles to shrink, harden and become excessively fibrous, which limits their movement and elasticity. This shrinking of the muscle in turn pulls the skeletal structure closer together, creating further limited body movements and causing irritations in the joints, vertebrae and bones of the body.

A good massage ensures proper circulation to all parts of the body is enhanced, providing blood, nourishment and energy, as the body can heal itself only when proper circulation is restored to it.

Cities in Australia Training used in: Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Perth Adelaide Gold Coast Canberra

What you will learn:
  • Theory of Deep Soft Tissue Massage Therapy
  • Supplementary Techniques
  • Clinical Factors
  • Contraindications and Precautions
  • Remedial Massage Techniques
  • Ischaemic Compression
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Stretching and Strengthening
  • Pain Thresholds
  • Traditional Chinese Cupping
  • Muscle Worksheet
  • Endangerment Sites
  • Directional Terms
  • After Care Advice
  • Assessing the Treatment.
Course Procedure

PRICE: $395